Envirotek Engineering Solutions

Envirotek Engineering Solutions LLP (EES) is a multidisciplinary engineering design and consulting firm specialized in Sustainability, Green Buildings, and MEP Engineering, offering a wide variety of services for buildings and communities at design, construction, and operational stages.

Better Buildings for Better Future

Buildings consume a significant amount of energy, water, and materials during construction and operation, contributing over 40% to global energy use and CO2 emissions. Our experts with over two decades of experience provide sustainable, synergistic, and cost-effective design & solutions to optimize building performance while reducing emissions and consumption of energy, water, and material, thereby reducing the environmental impacts caused by structures, as part of our mission to decarbonize the built environment.


Our expert trainers, with more than 16 years of experience in sustainable building design and operations, offer training on cutting-edge building energy simulation technologies like IESVE for determining and enhancing building performance.

Digital Twin

Digital twins are virtual representations of physical structures that can be used to track, model, and analyze data to enhance the performance of buildings. By merging data from several sources, including the IoT and other connected devices, digital twins are produced. A virtual representation of the actual building is built using this data, allowing for real-time performance analysis.